MR license - October 8th 2013
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8th October 2013

Congrats to:

James Rattray who also has a pass with a VORT

at Gawler and attained his MR License

MR license - 1st October 2013
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1st October 2013

Congratulations to:

Jason Elfenbein who scored a pass for his VORT

at Gawler and got his MR License

MR license - 17th September 2013
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17th September 2013
Few more made it with their VORT MR Truck Licenses at Gawler

Congratulations to..

Marie Bailey
Jason Johnston
Kerwin Thompson

MR license - 4th September 2013
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4th September 2013

Stragglers caught up and got through their VORT
at Gawler
and now have gained their MR driving licenses
Congratulations to
Bill Stevens (Willy)


Phuc Thy Le

True gentlemen

Well Done !!

MR license - 31st August 2013
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August 31st 2013

Well here we go again

Congratulations out to

Neal Woodford 94%

Jamie Winter 88%

Cameron Prout 97%


Ashely Harrison 91 %

on passing their VORT licensing at Victor Harbor
Well Done boys !!

HR License - August 20th 2013
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Congratulations on gaining their HR license in Whyalla

Aaron Wilson 87%
Jesse Lee 94%
Good job guys when ya think of what we had to work with..

MR license - August 4th 2013
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August 4th 2013

Congratulations this time to :

Thomas LaRoche 92%

Nathan Anderson 91%


David Gwatking 88%

all attained their MR drivers License VORT today at Gawler

MR License - July 19th 2013
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Well 2 more got through their MR License testing today and both passed...

Congratulations to:

Grant McKelvie with 87%

and to

Dwain Oniel with 86%

Now considering the minimal hours these 2 had, even tho a low score, they both did well and got through...

Who of these 2 have the bragging rights tho lol...

July 19th 2013

MR license - July 17th 2013
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Well another 2 today at Gawler managed to sneak out and get their MR truck licenses

Congratulations to both

Andrew Head and John Lennon Great work boys... !!

Wednesday July
17th 2013

MR license - July 7th 2013
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Congratulations again this time to:

Jamie Scott and to Sean McArthur

They both scored to pass their tests at Mt Barker (what a goat track) for their MR Licenses
Well Done boys...
Sunday July
7th 2013

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