Learn to drive in South Australia

Learn to drive a car safely and efficiently in modern traffic involves much more than training to pass a government road test and get a license. However, this is a necessary first stage. Government driver examiners want to ensure that the new driver has adequate control over the vehicle, knows the rules of the road and the correct procedures for managing a vehicle in traffic, and can make safe decisions.

The professional driving instructor is skilled in teaching these basics. Your role as parent/co-driver is to reinforce what the instructor teaches and provide practice time.

Attitude determines how knowledge and skills will be used. It determines whether a driver will be cooperative or competitive in traffic. So your biggest contribution to your family/friends safety and effectiveness behind the wheel will be your example. Patience, courtesy, and a willingness to improve will be your best assets. Now is the time to review your own driving habits and offer your family/friend the example of courtesy and consideration for other road users. This may do more than anything else to ensure your family/friend driving safety.

Random driving around during practice sessions can be dangerous. It’s all too easy for the novice driver to get into trouble, particularly in the early stages. Before getting into traffic be sure that your family/friend has good coordination with hands and feet. Until the novice is sure of the pedals, the danger of hitting the wrong pedal in a panic situation is always present.

It’s important to plan practice sessions. Decide where to go and what you are going to do before setting out. Take some care in selecting a suitable area. A large deserted car park is ideal for the initial sessions because it allows the beginner to concentrate fully on the feel of the controls and the response of the car.