Your Learn To Drive Group Can Play A Vital Role In The Learner Stage Of Your Driving License

After successfully completing your Driver’s theory test, you have come to the Learner’s stage in the Licensing process.  Now is the time to start learning to drive with the help of your learn to drive group you will be actually excited to touch the road on your vehicle and be in control of it. As a leaner driver you have to learn and master some of the most basic driving skills and always bear in mind the road rules and follow them all the time when you are on the road.  You must understand that you must be accompanied by a qualified driving instructor whenever you are taking your driver training. It is one of the learner permit conditions that a learner driver must be under the supervisions of a supervising driver.

As a learner driver you must follow all the conditions and rules set for a new driver and your learn to drive group will help you understand all these new rules and help you abide by them.  The new drivers who are found breaking the rules are fined and get demerit points and for repeated violations you will be disqualified from the licensing process and you may lose your learner driver permit. The Driving Companion is the handbook you must refer at this stage and you will be able to find all the requirements of getting the right type of driver training like the driving hours you must practice, and having a qualified supervising driver and a driving instructor etc in it. The book also contains information about how to get your P1 license. So if you do not want to break a rule take this book with you always and get the right instructions from your driving instructor and follow it to the letter.

When you are starting to get the driver training be sure to start with the right approach and for this the selection of and established driving school or a good learn to drive group is most essential.  You must get the necessary driving practice under the guidance of your driving instructor and as a learner this is the right time to get the right driving habits that will help you become a better driver later when you become a licensed driver.  To complete the learner stage of your licensing process you need to complete at least 75 hours of supervised driving. Of this as a learner driver you must have had the driving practice of 15 hours in the night time. The new drivers are required to get the supervised driving during this stage in all the light conditions of day, night, dusk and dawn. You must also get the necessary driver training to drive in rainy and foggy conditions in all the types of roads like gravel roads to the highways, in all the traffic conditions of heavy medium and light. Your learn to drive group will have structured practice session to comply with all these practice conditions so that it will be easy for you to complete the  driving practice requirements  for proceeding to the P1 license stage.