Get the All Help Needed From Your Learn To Drive Group for Getting Your Driving License


When you have just started your process to become a licensed driver you have to begin your journey from the Pre-Learner’s stage, then you can become a Learner driver. After completing the necessary requirements you can progress to the P1 and P2 stages before finally becoming full license holder. During all these stages, you need a constant companion guide and this has to be your learn to drive group or your driving school. To have a very smooth sailing through all the above stages you must be careful in selecting the right type of driving school that has all the necessary facilities and experiences to give all guidance and experience to help you in every stage of your licensing process. A qualified driving instructor alone can give the necessary driver training and help you complete the different stages of your licensing requirements.

When you want to start your process for becoming a licensed driver you need to start from the stage of a  pre-learner and this is the preliminary stage and you need the guidance of your learn to drive group more.  You must have completed your 16 years of age to start your licensing process and you must possess the necessary physical qualifications to become a learner driver.  Before getting the necessary driver training to complete this stage and proceed to the learners stage you need to complete the drivers theory test. This is the basic written test that is prescribed for new drivers to test their knowledge of road rules and safety. The Driver’s Handbook published by the Transport department of your State provides all the information you must know to pass this test. As a learner driver you must be well versed in all the road rules that have to be followed while you are driving on the road.

You can get good instructions at your learn to drive Group for knowing all the road rules you have to follow when you are driving on the road. Safety on the road depends on the strict compliance of all the road rules and hence the Government is very particular in making a new driver to be knowledgeable in all the road rules that are necessary for road safety.  Your learn to drive group will be giving you an experienced driving  instructor who can help you get all the road rules and rules of safety by heart before you appear for the drivers theory test. This test is a fee based one and hence you must try to get a pass the first time otherwise you have to pay for the test again.

This test contains two parts and the Part A contains questions on Give Way diagrams and you must get 8 of them right to go on to the Part B.  This has multiple choice questions and you have to get at least 43 of them right to pass through the test. For the right preparation of the test your learn to drive group will be of much help to you. On passing the test you get your L plates and proceed to the Learner’s stage.