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What is the best learning process ?

Today with the busy and even sometimes challenged road conditions, learner drivers need to learn the basics of vehicle controls from the very start.
Experienced drivers will have a great diversity of knowledge, judgment and vehicle controlling skills.
The learner will need professional instruction, as well as a lot of after training practice.

Practice or have a set program ?

The basic skills required for driving can be learnt rather simply and quickly.
The difficult part is the ability to respond to and to make fast (at times) judgments and decisions in traffic.
A parent etc will probably not have the ‘training’ experience needed to teach you this, but can help with more practice that is required to suit you.

Sessions hourly or full on training course?

Sessions of one to two hours taken once a week are often not quite enough, making it harder for students to advance themselves.  The addition of a few extra weekly sessions and your training will become second nature to you and will boost your confidence that often lacks in younger Learner Drivers

Full on training courses are considerably the better way for you to learn.  Training courses are better because training can be taken over a few days enabling all that you have learnt to remain fresh in the mind.
How ever, because your final driving test is to be pre-arranged with the course you could learn and pass your final examination and be driving on your own in just a week instead of taking many months of weekly lessons. Law states how ever that you must have your L license for 75 hours or 6 months.
So in order for you to have the retention of the details of the training course it is best to have a couple of session at one to two hours per session and have your parents maintain your practice.  Your parents are welcomed to take a back seat so as to understand the training concepts and assist you with your ongoing practicing.

Where can I find a driving school?

Right here at the Learn To Drive Group we will show a genuine pride in our standards and the way in which we present our self to you.  The training you shall receive will be structured to help you to train and remember, allowing you to have the required confidence with in your own driving ability.
Learn To Drive Group has a variety of session plans to follow which are ALL tailored and structured with the individual needs and with the basics as the foundations.

How do I choose the right driving instructor?

Cost of the instructor these days is an important factor how ever so too is the quality and professionalism in the way that the course/s are presented and delivered to you.
Here at the Learn To Drive Group we have little overheads and our costs are down by comparisons, we do though have a high standard of delivery and timing as well as the experienced instructors here with us.
Lower prices can often achieve you more lessons.

What are the prices of driving lessons in my area?

An online price list is being developed and will be available soon, in the meantime call or text on 0410 333 938 and we will be more than happy to discuss fees etc withyou and if you mention this website as your reference you will receive yet another discount.

Where and How do I start ?

You will be required to have a Learners License, which can be obtained from any Service SA branch and you will be required to do a small test, pass the test get you Learners License and you are ready to go on to a professional Instructor at the Learn To Drive Group.
Contact Dean Hosking on 0410 333 938 for further information

How do I find an instructor in my area ?

Call Dean Hosking on 0410 333 938 – We can come to you anywhere in South Australia.

Should I learn to drive an automatic car ?

Yes, once you have some experience in an Automatic vehicle and gained your P license you are not restricted to Automatics ONLY !!
Once you have gained experience and confidence then would be a good time to learn a Manual vehicle where clutch, gears and speed control all come together to operate the vehicle in a smooth and safe manner.

What is a good vehicle to learn in ?

The best vehicle to learn to drive is one that is safe and in good roadworthy condition and comfortable to you.

Can I drive a performance vehicle ?

In South Australia you can learn to drive a performance vehicle whilst under the supervision of a fully licensed and professional supervisor, once you have your P License then you are restricted to the horsepower limited vehicles as set down by Service SA

Can I have lessons in my own car?

Yes !!  You can and that would be a recommended suggestion as that will be the vehicle that you are most likely going to be driving most of the time and even after you have your P License.

Can I be picked up and dropped off in diff locations ?

Yes and you can arrange this with your instructor prior to the session starting and also with parental consent ‘if you’re a teenager’

Can I have evening and weekend lessons?

Yes, however these are our most popular times and may tend to get booked up in advance.

Q:Is your school a licensed one?

A. Yes, our school is fully licensed. Licensed via Service SA

Q. How many sessions will my student get to drive with your instructor?

A. While the state requires that a student spend 75 hours of professional driving instruction, we divide this into various lessons based on the student’s convenience and learning ability.

Q. How often should students have lessons?

A. The first lesson of a student is held within three weeks of their getting a learner’s permit. Consequently, the following lessons will be spread and divided over the course of six months.

This is to ensure the student has sufficient time to practice their learnt skills to become a professional driver. It is however compulsory for students under the age of 25 years to have their learner’s permit for at least six months before taking their driving test for their license.

Q. What vehicle will my student drive during their driving lessons?

A. We have current model roadworthy cars which we use to teach our students driving. Each vehicle is fitted with dual separate brake and mirror so that our instructor still has some control on the car while our students drive. Moreover, we inspect our vehicles every drive to ensure they meet roadworthy regulations for safety features and mechanical operations.

Q. Do you teach only light vehicle driving or even heavy vehicle driving?

A. Presently, we function only as a light vehicle driving school. Though we do teach heavy vehicles up to HC / MC as well, however at the moment, we don’t posses any heavy vehicles for the training.

Q. When are your classes?

A. We have very flexible classes. You just have to arrange and inform our driving instructors of the best time you want to take driving lessons. Though the student can’t actually choose the day and timing for the class, they can request the best and most convenient time for classes.

Q. Will my student be the only student in the car?

A. This depends on the number of students who want to learn driving. However if there are more than one student in the car, your student still receives personalized training from our instructor. Only one student is taught driving at a time, and the other students who are not learning to drive will still benefit from observations.

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